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After working from home for years, Locksmith Chandler’s founders decided that the business needed an enormous impulse to reach every citizen in this growing town. They were clueless about the fact that once they started an official locksmith agency, they were about to develop a healthy and useful business. Goodbye, 90’s. Welcome, 2000! Our first efforts were made in a modest house in the Alta Mira neighborhood during the late 90’s. Working with a small team of four people interested in the technology and security fields, we thought that we needed to introduce one of the fastest-growing cities in the country to the latest high-tech advances on the market. Locksmith Chandler: Growing strong After many experiences we understood that we had to consolidate this company as a family business and keep our principles oriented to this matter, providing a constant training to our team and assisting any unforeseen event around the city. Locksmith Chandler took a big step forward in 2005 when we opened our first commercial office downtown, offering a large stock of products such as locks, GPS’s, high definition cameras and security systems. Our team never left their vision of being the first option and reference on Locksmithing in the city behind. Based on hard work and creativity we got the latest security software and some other high-tech innovations to better serve our neighbors. With the creation of our 24/7 quick response system, Locksmith Chandler quickly took the first place on security market. Always giving our best We believe Chandler is a great city, and we are pleased to work in one of the best towns in our beloved Arizona. Our commitment still stands like the first day fifteen years ago, always aiming to help every customer and give the best service above all. For more information you can call us at any time or look at our contact section on the website.